Trump Visits Minnesota to Host Campaign Rally

"President Trump at the White House Confe" (Public Domain) by The White House

The fight that is the 2020 presidential election carries on as President Trump and Joe Biden duke it out with one another.
Trump and Biden continue to slam each other on different policy matters, COVID-19, and more. This week, both presidential candidates traveled across the nation in order to reach out to Americans and secure votes. First daughter Ivanka Trump also attended various fundraisers this week for the purpose of raising money for her father’s presidential campaign.

On Friday, President Trump traveled to Bemidji, Minnesota in order to rally with supporters. During this time, the president talked about a series of relevant matters that pertain to our nation, confirms Fox News.

Reviewing Trump’s Latest Rally in Minnesota

While Minnesota has remained blue for decades upon decades, it’s shaping up to be a battleground state in 2020. Both Trump and his election rival are seeking to win over the votes of the state’s middle-class community.
While rallying in Bemidji, the president noted that several Iron Range Democrat mayors have endorsed him because of his contribution to wage increases, foreign steel tariffs, and the return of jobs. Trump then contrasted his work to aid Minnesotans with Biden’s delivery of employment opportunities to foreign nations.
As the rally went on, the 45th president also didn’t hesitate to slam Biden some more. Trump held the former vice president’s feet to the fire, noting the latter’s promise to end travel bans on Jihad territories.
Trump then vowed, as president, to continue keeping “radical Islamic terrorism” out of the United States while furthermore backing law enforcement and school choice.

Biden in Minnesota

Interestingly enough, both Trump and Biden spent time campaigning in Minnesota on Friday. The Democrat nominee gathered with supporters — albeit a much group than the president’s — to badmouth Trump in Duluth.

After denigrating the president’s reaction to coronavirus, Biden touted his idea to “reward hard work in America” rather than rewarding “wealth.” Speaking at a training hall for a carpenters union, the former vice president then went on to promise that taxpayer dollars will go towards American-made products.
Biden’s pitch to Minnesotans comes as his campaign works to brand him as the candidate that will “build back better.”
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