Trump Torches the Police-Hating Left in Epic Tweet

"President Trump Visits St. John’s Episco" (Public Domain) by The White House

For quite some time, the Democrat Party has harbored disdain for law enforcement officers; last week’s death of George Floyd merely created the opportunity for the left to find a channel and vehicle for their hatred.
For over a week now, Americans have been forced to observe nihilistic rioters and anarchists bring fire to U.S. cities. As businesses and cars are set ablaze, elected officials struggle to contain the growing catastrophe.

Worse yet, this week has prompted Democrat leaders to actually reduce funding from certain police departments; the dark irony of law enforcement defunding happening at the same time as violent demonstrations cannot be missed.
On Thursday, President Trump took to Twitter and condemned the anti-police rhetoric coming from the left. Other prominent conservatives also joined him in pushing back against the false notion that law enforcement is systemically racist and evil.

What to Know About Trump’s Response to Anti-Police Sentiment

The president did not mince words when holding Democrats’ feet to the fire. Trump rightfully pointed out the inherent links to come between a defunded police force and spikes in crime. In doing so, the president also reminded Americans to remain vigilant of this.
Additional pointers in Trump’s tweet included his own support for law and order coupled with the pressure that Joe Biden faces from socialists and far-leftists.

Despite the former vice president’s attempts to brand himself as a moderate Democrat, Biden has repeatedly pandered to the most radical portions of his base and embraced hatred for law enforcement. One prime example of this occurred earlier in the week when Americans learned that aides close to Biden are helping bail rioters out of prison.
What do you think about the Democrat Party’s growing support for defunding the police force? Do you believe conservatives will be able to stop this from coming to fruition? Let us know in the comments section down below!