Trump to Visit California Amid Blazing Wildfires, Power Outages

"Whittier Fire, evening of July 13, 2017" (CC BY 2.0) by beltz6

To say that California is dealing with some serious problems in 2020 doesn’t do their situation justice.
Millions of residents in the Golden State are without jobs as significant sectors remain either closed for business or severely limited.

However, following a scandal where Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited a shuttered San Francisco hair salon (and without a face covering, in violation of California’s statewide mask mandate), salons will soon be able to resume operations.
Aside from coronavirus restrictions, unemployment, etc., California is also home to severe, dangerous wildfires along with widespread power outages. For this reason, President Trump will visit the Golden State tomorrow, informs Washington Examiner.

What to Know About Trump’s Upcoming California Visit

The president’s visit to California tomorrow will revolve around him learning about wildfires in the state and the subsequent aftermath. Trump will also spend time in McClellan Park to help clean the area while also convening with local and national officials.

Judd Deere, the White House deputy press secretary, shared additional details about the president’s visit in a statement. According to Deere, Trump has maintained contact with California Governor Gavin Newsom in order to remain in the know about the wildfires and other serious issues happening.
In 2020 alone, the Golden State has seen a historic number of acres burn; to make matters even more serious, California’s wildfires are expected to worsen before they improve. Images have surfaced on social media of the devastating fires with California skies turned bright orange.

SB145 in California

California recently signed into law new legislation that allows adults who engage in sexual acts with children to avoid landing on the sex offender registry if the age gap between both persons is lesser than ten years.
Conservatives have rightfully called this out as dangerous and a clear path for pedophiles to harm children without repercussions. Unfortunately, the left is attempting to put a new spin on SB145, claiming that anyone who opposes it is inherently homophobic.

Some Americans have wryly drawn a connection between the wildfires in California and the rise of SB145, suggesting that there could be a connection between the two. Objections to this legislation continue to remain deeply partisan with Democrats refusing to acknowledge how SB145 enables pedophiles while endangering children.
What do you think about the wildfires, shutdowns, and power outages that California faces? How do you feel about the Golden State’s decision to pass SB145? Let us know in the comments below!