Trump to Launch His Own Social Media Site in Coming Months

"President Trump Returns from New Jersey" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Within the past several years, the social media landscape has shifted significantly. Once upon a time, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., were beloved across partisan lines; although, this all changed once these sites began censoring and blacklisting conservatives.

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After some time, right-wing social media users tired of flagrant censorship. This eventually led to the demand for and creation of conservative-friendly social media sites, such as Gab, Rumble, and Parler. Each of these platforms have witnessed significant growth in recent months and years, with much more to come.

However, it appears as though even more conservative-friendly social networking platforms are coming. According to Townhall, former President Donald Trump will be coming out with his own social media site before 2022 gets here.

What to Know About a New Trump Social Media Platform

Jason Miller, the former campaign senior adviser to Trump, spoke with Fox News recently about Trump’s plans to re-enter the social media world. Miller’s remarks included word that the press releases to come from Trump’s Office of the Former President have gained even more traction than his tweets did.

Miller then informed that within the upcoming two or three months, Trump will emerge with a social media site of his own. The former campaign senior adviser also explained that Trump’s platform will “redefine the game” and ultimately, Americans want to see what the 45th president will do.

At this time, Trump does have a verified account on Gab.

Social Media Alternatives for Conservatives

When Trump does, in fact, come forth with his social media site, there will be no shortage of signups.

Many of the former president’s voters and supporters have responded well to the news that Trump has a new social networking site in the works. Likewise, conservatives and Republicans alike have tired of mainstream platforms censoring out conservatives for having anti-leftist viewpoints.

Conservatives who are sick of YouTube censorship are highly recommended to use Rumble. Unlike YouTube, Rumble doesn’t censor news or CPAC speeches from Trump. On a similar note, Gab is a great, conservative-friendly alternative to Facebook, just as Parler is to Twitter.

Earlier this year, leftists and cancel culture vultures attempted to shut down Parler for good; however, the beloved free speech platform ultimately prevailed against all odds.

Will you sign up to former President Trump’s social media site once it become available? Let us know in the comments section below.