Trump Supporters Slammed by Leftist Media Following RNC

"Made in America Product Showcase" (Public Domain) by The White House

Last week, Trump supporters enthusiastically tuned into and participated in the Republican National Convention.
Speakers ranged from Ivanka Trump to Kristi Noem, Dan Crenshaw, Donald Trump Jr., etc. During the four nights of the GOP National Convention, Republicans focused on American opportunity, pro-Trump policies, and the need to keep Trump in office.

Since the Republican National Convention, Americans have weighed in with comparisons to the Democratic National Convention. A general consensus asserts that the GOP National Convention was energetic and portrayed a more positive outlook on the nation than Democrats.
However, the liberal media is not happy about the Republican National Convention by any means. Following the convention, MSNBC quickly tore into Trump supporters with verbal attacks and character assassinations, confirms Townhall.

Why is the Liberal Media So Angry with Trump Supporters?

The leftist media took many issues with the Republican National Convention and Trump supporters.
Various outlets were appalled at conservatives’ decision to allow Mark and Patricia McCloskey to speak on Monday night; the McCloskeys made headlines months after defending themselves from a mob approaching them on their own property.
MSNBC especially took umbrage with the Trump supporters who gathered on South Lawn of the White House on Thursday night. While some attendees work face masks, many did not. Approximately 1,500 people are estimated to have gathered on the South Lawn to hear speeches from President Trump, Ivanka Trump, and others.

Now, the gathering on the White House South Lawn is far from the first time that individuals have convened without face masks. In fact, these gatherings seem to be OK with Democrats when they’re centered around a leftist cause.

Double Standards in Media Coverage

Trump supporters were ultimately branded as “a death cult.”
MSNBC hosts also didn’t hesitate to assert that the president would cause his own base to “get sick.” While tearing into Trump supporters, MSNBC declined to mention that coronavirus positive rates are low in comparison to the total population; furthermore, the virus itself is more than 99% survivable.

Conservatives have pushed back against the media, citing double standards. MSNBC and other leftist groups have not condemned individuals who gather in the streets to riot or convene to put Black Lives Matter paintings on major streets.
Meanwhile, while MSNBC slammed Trump supporters, they remained noncritical of individuals burning down various American cities in real-time.
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