Trump Slams "Lost" Joe Biden

President Trump and Joe Biden have sparred with one another on multiple occasions, even predating the 2020 presidential election.

However, as the election carries on, the former vice president has considerably amped up his attacks against Trump. From consistently branding the president as racist to claiming that he’s a liar who is leaving Americans behind, Biden’s willingness to say anything that disparages Trump is quite clear.

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony” (Public Domain) by The White House

Yesterday, the president spent some time in Iowa to campaign with supporters and he pushed back against Biden. As documented by Breitbart News, Trump slammed the 2020 candidate as “lost,” noting his countless verbal errors. While the crowd cheered, the president also pointed out that no one can make the types of mistakes that Biden repeatedly makes and expect to get away with it.

Reviewing Trump’s Criticism of Biden

When addressing Biden, the president kicked things off by noting how “lost” Biden is, with no idea what he’s talking about. Trump furthermore explained that Biden’s common mistakes of confusing names and forgetting which state he’s in are unacceptable. The former vice president is known for consistently mixing up Ohio and Iowa; Biden’s penchant for forgetting world leaders’ names and important dates hasn’t done him any favors either.

Following these hits from the president, Biden attempted to pivot by attacking Trump’s character. Per the former vice president’s own admission, he believes that “character is on the ballot.”

Biden’s fancy speech about character comes as his past corruption with Ukraine continues to matter in the Senate impeachment trial. If the former vice president wants to make a case about character, he should first begin by not lashing out at voters who aren’t 100% for him and not challenging voters to push-up contests while calling them liars.

The 2020 Democrat truly is lost and the last one to be preaching about morality or character. Biden is sorely lacking in both areas.

Only the Beginning

In light of the DNC’s likelihood of pulling strings and getting Biden the nomination, Americans should certainly prepare for more clashes between Trump and the former vice president. If Biden becomes the Democrat nominee, he and Trump will certainly spar with one another about policy matters, presidential accomplishments, and much, much more.

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

If future conversations are going to be about character, there will be plenty of subject matter as it pertains to Biden and the plethora of scandals surrounding his family. The former vice president’s decisions to pull strings and get a prosecutor fired are only the tip of the iceberg. Many other details that Biden would like to keep under wraps will face publicization if he’s the Democrat nominee.

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