Trump Slams Biden's Campaign-from-Basement Strategy

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

For months now, Joe Biden has been hiding away in his basement. Biden and his allies will claim that this is due to coronavirus; at best, though, COVID-19 is merely the tip of the iceberg.
Prior to the former vice president’s retreat into his Delaware basement, in-person campaign events were not going so well for him. Biden frequently misspoke and tastelessly lashed out at voters who asked him tough questions.
Calling people “d*mn liars,” “lying dog-faced pony soldiers,” and issuing push-up challenges are just a few examples of Biden’s poor behavior.

As the 2020 presidential election continues and as America reopens, Biden remains in his basement. This has led to criticism, especially from President Trump, notes Breitbart News.

Trump on Biden Campaigning from the Basement

While participating in a Fox News interview, the president slammed Biden for turning his basement into a “sanctuary city.”
This serves as a reference to the Democrat nominee’s multiple interviews and virtual town halls held from his Delaware home; it’s also important to remember that campaigning from Biden’s basement hasn’t stopped him from making gaffes and blunders.

During Trump’s interview with Fox News, he responded to Biden’s claims that the military will drag him out of the White House after the election. The president pushed back against this bizarre assertion by pointing out that Biden is “not all there.”
Likewise, Trump confirmed that despite rumors from the left, he would not refuse to leave the White House if he didn’t win re-election. The president explained that he would “go on and do other things,” yet view the situation as a tragedy for the nation.

How much longer do you think Joe Biden will remain in his basement? Do you think the former vice president’s political team is keeping him hidden for a reason? Don’t hold back your thoughts in the comments section below!