Trump Secures the GOP Nomination

While the Democrats continue duking it out amongst themselves, the GOP primary has gone off without a hitch. As the left has been forced to contend with botched caucuses, contested results, and the like, Republicans have shown their primary process to be much more organized and put together.

Yesterday night, President Trump officially won the Republican Party’s nomination. While this is not an unusual feat for an incumbent GOP president, Trump won by a landslide, even in spite of the minimal, never-Trump opposition within small pockets of the Republican tent. Breitbart News officially noted Trump’s obtainment of the nomination after he secured enough delegates to put him over the finish line.

A Closer Look at Trump’s Nomination Victory

The president’s win of the GOP’s nomination was officially called after his victories in Illinois and Florida. Since the primaries began, Trump has collectively won more than 1,276 delegates, hence placing him where he needs to be for the Republican party’s nomination.

Despite his victory, certain never-Trumpers came out of the woodwork months ago and attempted to challenge the president for the nomination. Candidates like Joe Walsh and Bill Weld ultimately failed to succeed in blocking Trump from the nomination; moreover, the president’s in-party challengers never had real momentum or enough support to even stand a chance.

Trump’s 90%+ approval rating within the Republican Party combined with his incumbent status served as a pretty strong indicator of him winning the nomination. Yesterday merely marked the occurrence of what everyone in America knew was coming.

Which Democrat Will Trump Face?

With Trump’s nomination in the bag, it’s only a matter of time before Democrats determine their nominee as well.

Of the three remaining candidates (Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard), Biden is looking like the likeliest nominee. He not only has significantly more delegates than Sanders and Gabbard, but also has the DNC backing him and pulling strings behind the scenes.

What do you think about President Trump winning the Republican Party’s nomination? Which Democrat do you think Trump will face in the general election? Let us know in the comments section below!