Trump Says Democrats are to Blame for This Massive Blunder

Republican former President Donald Trump accused liberals of being behind some Americans’ fear of the COVID-19 vaccination. Trump claimed that Democrats “disparaged” the immunization when he was in office.

Trump Has Harsh Words for Biden’s Mandates

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Trump responded to President Biden’s presidential decree last week, a decree requiring businesses with over 100 employees to need coronavirus immunizations or test employees regularly.

Biden also stated that all federal public workers will be mandated to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine. This shouldn’t be required, Trump said of the requirements, which have been criticized by Republicans and some business leaders.

Operation Warp Speed was Trump’s Achievement

As the epidemic blazed in 2020, the Trump administration launched Operation Warp Speed, a public-private collaboration to develop vaccinations against the novel coronavirus. The United States Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use permissions (EUA) for Pfizer/BioNTech, as well as Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, during his presidency.

Trump issued an executive order in late 2020 to guarantee all Americans have access to coronavirus immunizations before the US could begin assisting countries throughout the world.

In an exclusive Media interview, Trump stated that throughout his presidency, more individuals were interested in acquiring COVID-19 vaccines.

To paraphrase the former president: If you remember, there were practically queues of folks taking it when I was president. Trump later added, in reference to vaccine apprehension among some citizens, “now you’re in a whole different scenario, and it’s a nasty one.”

Trump went on to say that some liberals, notably Vice President Kamala Harris, said they didn’t trust the efficacy of a vaccination he was promoting. Trump later went on to describe the COVID vaccine as one of his best triumphs accomplished in much less than nine months rather than in five years, or possibly never.

Trump remarked this, alluding to the FDA’s vaccine clearance timetable. Millions of lives were saved all across the world because of what Trump did. In January, Trump and then-first lady Melania Trump were both given two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination at the White House.

It’s not apparent which vaccination they got. In an interview with Greg Gutfeld the week before, Trump touted the vaccines’ advantages, saying that illnesses among the vaccinated have been less severe than those among the unvaccinated at the beginning of the epidemic.

The Biden government has made a major campaign to promote COVID-19 immunizations, going door-to-door this summer to provide households with tools and information about how and when they may get their doses.

In July, the Biden government urged local and state governments to use coronavirus recovery monies to pay individuals $100 each to get immunized. Concerns about outbreaks, illnesses among vaccinated people, and the stronger delta strain becoming prevalent in areas across the nation prompted the ideas.