Trump Raided By the FBI, Dems Have Crossed the Line

Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago manor in Florida was plundered by FBI officials on Monday.

This happened as a result of a criminal probe into reportedly mismanaged secret Homeland Security material.

This is Outrageous

As per News Nation lead journalist Brian Entin, agents remained at the site the whole day.

They were attired in ordinary clothes, prompting personnel to assume the individuals were U.S. Secret Service agents, which is how word of the fulfilled search warrant did not get out.

Only a few minutes before the search, Trump’s Secret Service personnel was informed. When he was at his New York City home, Trump kept lawyers there during the search.

All of the buildings and safes on the site were searched by FBI agents, who also removed multiple boxes full of papers to be organized at the nearby FBI field office in South Florida.

According to a source quoted by Fox News, “They didn’t appear to be selective about what they grabbed.”

Trump apparently put off returning the roughly 15 boxes to the National Archives until they posed significant legal danger to him, which prompted the raid. According to reports, several of the papers were tagged as “top secret.”

In May, prosecutors launched a grand jury probe investigating Trump to see whether sensitive information that wound up to his Mar-a-Lago residence was handled improperly.

Federal authorities often conduct these inquiries with the primary goal of determining whether any classified information was exposed. This way, intelligence personnel may take action to safeguard sensitive sources and procedures.

From the moment the papers left the White House, until they were sent back to the National Archives, investigators want to know everything about how they were handled.

Evidence demonstrating the individuals involved in extracting the papers from the White House were aware they were secret, and that extractions would be illegal, is necessary for prosecutors to establish a felony was committed.

Revenge is Coming

When Republican politicians regain control of the House of Representatives, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Attorney General Merrick Garland must retain all files and clear his schedule.

Garland will be called before Congress to give testimony about the raid.┬áIn a speech, McCarthy declared, “I’ve witnessed enough.”

“The armed corruption of the Department of Justice achieved an untenable level. When Republicans regain control of the House, we will immediately oversee this agency, respect the law, and exhaust all possible options.”


The FBI’s shocking search of Trump’s Floridian property was announced to the White House, as per various accounts, solely on Twitter.

This is what New York Times writer Jonathan Martin penned on Monday night. During the search at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump was not attending.

Martin wrote that “senior White House officials became cognizant of the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search on Twitter and had no prior notification.”