Trump Pledges Iron Dome, Mass Deportations, and Travel Ban in Potential Return to Presidency


In a recent op-ed, former President Trump outlined his vision for America’s future, promising to implement an Iron Dome-like missile defense system, mass deportations, and a travel ban if he were to be re-elected.

Drawing parallels with Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” initiative, Trump emphasized the need for a state-of-the-art missile defense shield, akin to Israel’s mobile anti-missile rocket defense system in place since 2011.

Trump used the platform to critique Joe Biden’s foreign policy, arguing it weakened America’s standing on the global stage. He pointed to recent terrorist attacks on Israel as evidence of the dangers posed by a weak presidency, asserting a strong America is crucial for global safety.

The former president also criticized Biden’s handling of Iran, particularly his decision to ease sanctions on the country in May 2021. Trump argued this move emboldened Hamas, leading to the firing of over 4,000 missiles at Israeli communities.

He further condemned Biden’s decision to unfreeze $6 billion of Iranian money in exchange for hostages, claiming it set a dangerous precedent.

Trump contrasted these actions with his own record during his presidency, highlighting his efforts to combat terrorism. He cited the obliteration of ISIS, the devastation of al-Qaeda’s senior leadership, and the withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal as key achievements.

He also underscored his support for Israel, noting his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the negotiation of the Abraham Accords.

In his potential return to the White House, Trump pledged unwavering support for Israel, promising to aid in the defeat and dismantlement of Hamas. He also vowed to cut off funding for UNRWA, a U.N. agency he accused of fueling conflict.

Trump’s proposed policies also extend to domestic issues. He promised to restore the “Trump Travel Ban” and end refugee resettlement from countries that threaten U.S. security.

He also proposed a strong ideological screening program for all immigrants, stating that those who empathize with radical Islamic terrorists would be disqualified.

In addition to these measures, Trump pledged to aggressively deport resident aliens with jihadist sympathies and remove Iranian spies or suspected agents from the U.S. government.

He concluded by promising to reverse the damage he believes Biden has caused, ensuring a stronger and more powerful United States under his administration.