Trump Legal Team Suffers New Loss in Nevada

"President Trump Pardons the National Tha" (Public Domain) by The White House

Proving in the courts that election fraud happened in the 2020 presidential race continues to be an uphill battle for the Trump legal team.
The need for more than just circumstantial evidence, coupled with other factors, is certainly at work here. As other Americans have pointed out, the president’s representatives can say whatever they want before the media; however, the true power to overturn voter fraud lies in the courts.

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Multiple judges across the nation have tossed out various lawsuits from the Trump legal team. Even conservatives who back the president are admitting that what’s happening right now isn’t looking good.
Meanwhile, Breitbart News confirms that a Nevada judge recently threw out a case brought forward by President Trump’s election lawyers.

What to Know About the Tossed Lawsuit in Nevada

Nevada District Court Judge James Russell determined yesterday that legal aides for President Trump didn’t submit necessary evidence of voter fraud to overturn the state’s election outcome. Judge Russell’s ruling arrived after he heard claims and remarks from attorneys representing the 45th president and the campaign of Joe Biden.

Before the dismissal of the lawsuit, Trump’s attorneys argued that illegal votes, votes from non-residents and/or dead people, and double votes comprised 40,000 votes in Carson City. Meanwhile, representatives for the Biden campaign claimed that Trump’s legal team didn’t show sufficient evidence or pinpoint specific individuals who voted illegally.
Ultimately, Judge Russell ruled in favor of the lawyers for Biden’s team; this marks another loss for Trump’s legal team. Moreover, Judge Russell joins a growing list of judges who appear to be tossing out lawsuits from the Trump legal team left and right.

Time is of the Essence

The clock for the Trump legal team continues to run out, with seemingly few positive developments. Attorneys representing the president continue bringing forth lawsuits, with few of them panning out. President Trump himself stated towards the end of November that time is not on the side of his attorneys right now.
Amid another unsuccessful lawsuit, lawyers representing the president are not giving up. New legal challenges are coming; meanwhile, Trump’s attorneys continue to appear before the media for various interviews and press conferences.
What do you believe will be the end results of the lawsuits initiated by President Trump’s attorneys? Let us know where you think this will all lead down below in the comments section.