Trump Just Drove a Mack Truck Through the Shameless Liberal Hypocrisy on Sanctuary Cities

Once again, President Trump is beating liberals at their own game.
Upon the announcement that apprehended illegal immigrants will be transported and released to sanctuary cities, particularly in California, the left’s reactions have been interesting, to say the least. Many of the leftists who previously championed illegal immigrants are now not too eager to have the same illegals moved to their own cities, as documented by Townhall.

Reviewing the Hypocrisy on Sanctuary Cities

In a nutshell, liberals are all for illegal immigrants, so long as these illegal immigrants aren’t actually dropped off within the communities which liberals reside. Over the weekend, the president announced his decree that illegal immigrants be cared for in sanctuary cities, particularly those in California.
See for yourself:
Now, this prompted a series of displeased reaction from liberals, many of whom just so happen to reside in California. Trump’s new policy on illegal immigrants was denounced as everything from “sick and twisted” to using “human beings as political pawns.” Only the mayor-elect of Chicago stated that her city would openly welcome an influx of illegal immigrants in their city.
One of the most notable, liberal responses to the president’s announcement came from Cher herself.

This is so ironic because it’s what conservatives have been saying whenever liberals supported amnesty and otherwise allowing illegal immigrants to pour into the country unchecked. However, when conservatives made this case, we were denounced as evil and hateful of immigrants.
It looks like Democrats only care about illegal immigrants when it’s politically convenient and won’t have any real impacts on their own personal lives. Well, the party is over. Liberals have spent years bashing conservatives who stressed the importance of legal and merit-based immigration. Since the left loves illegal immigrants so much, they can now be shouldered with the responsibility of personally caring for them in their own communities.
What do you think of the liberal hypocrisy regarding sanctuary cities in America? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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