Trump Impeachment Trial Likely to Begin in February

"President Trump Signs H.R. 133" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Earlier this month, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives impeached President Trump, with the support of ten House Republicans. Congressional members who voted to impeach the 45th president argued that he “incited an insurrection” with his remarks about election fraud.

“Marine One with President Donald Trump a” (CC BY 2.0) by Michael Vadon

The impeachment this month made President Trump the only president in the country’s history to be twice impeached. Likewise, the decision to impeach the 45th president arrived despite Trump’s term approaching an end. Now, Trump is out of office, but a trial in the Senate still has to happen.
According to Breitbart News, the impeachment trial for the 45th president is likely to commence next month.

The Upcoming Senate Trial

With the Senate now controlled by Democrats, there is a real possibility that this congressional body will vote to convict the 45th president. This would explain why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held off on delivering the impeachment articles while the Senate remained under GOP control.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, is reportedly asking Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to begin Trump’s impeachment trial in February. If the trial begins next month, then the 45th president’s defense team, along with the congressional impeachment managers, will have adequate time to ready themselves.
McConnell has faulted Trump for the insurrection on Capitol Hill this month; however, the Senate Minority Leader also didn’t commit to voting for or against a Trump conviction. Some Republicans in the Senate believe that if McConnell does ultimately vote to convict Trump, he’ll have trouble remaining the Senate Minority Leader.

GOP Opposition to a Post-Trump Presidency Trial

Although some GOP Congress members voted to impeach Trump, many others in the Republican Party are not supportive of an impeachment trial.
Multiple Republican senators believe that continuing with impeachment proceedings even with Trump out of office is wasteful; others are warning that such proceedings will only further divide the nation.

Some Republicans have even reached out to Biden, imploring the 46th president to call off Democrats; however, Biden made clear that he will leave impeachment business in the hands of the Senate. The 46th president has additionally referred to multiple Republican senators as Nazis; therefore, the likelihood of Biden going out of his way to help the GOP is slim to none.
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