Trump-Hating Cardi B Touts Gun Control Talking Points

Over the past few years, more and more Hollywood celebrities have taken it upon themselves to share their political views with the world.

More often than not, these political views involve hating President Trump, bashing conservatives and Trump supporters, and furthermore espousing commonly debunked left-wing talking points. While celebrities have the right to free speech just like anyone else, they do open themselves up to censure when they opine on certain matters…especially ones which they know nothing about.

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As of late, rapper Cardi B has been extremely outspoken about her leftist, anti-conservative politics. She hasn’t hesitated to classify all Trump supporters as racists or spread lies about the president. Earlier this month, Cardi also stated that the decision to “focus up” and just go back to school for a few years will allow her to get elected into Congress.

On Tuesday, the rapper went on a barely-literate rant about gun control via Twitter.

Cardi B on the Right to Bear Arms

According to the rap star, she believes that having Americans jump through a series of hoops prior to gun ownership is the way to go. By Cardi’s own admission, her preferred hoops include “mental check ups” and “proper training” in addition to “a[n] older age limit to own one.” However, the rapper did state that she supports Americans’ right to “bare” arms.

When facing mild pushback for her anti-gun views, Cardi B professed that “regulations and strict rules” ought to exist in order for Americans to own firearms. The rapper also defended her poor position by conflating the consumption of alcohol with a Constitutional amendment. Situations like this are why many celebrities face so much blowback when they attempt to insert themselves into politics.

When Twitter users continued to slam Cardi’s outlook on gun ownership, she furthermore attempted to defend her position between drawing parallels between requirements to join the military and support for gun control restrictions.

See for yourself:

The Truth about the Right to Bear Arms

Like all other gun-hating left-wingers, Cardi B fails to understand the basic tenets of the Second Amendment. Furthermore, she lacks the logic and intelligence to realize that criminals don’t follow gun control laws. All the regulations and restrictions which the rapper favors would only impact law-abiding citizens. Criminals don’t care about training to jumping through Democrat-approved hoops in order to get a gun.

Cardi is more than entitled to her opinion. However, if she’s going to talk politics (and constantly misspell every other word), the rapper needs to be prepared for pushback. She’d do herself a lot of favors by actually studying these issues and knowing what she’s talking about before taking to Twitter to share her politics and ambitions to join the United States Congress.

What do you think about Cardi B’s anti-gun talking points? Do you think she has what it takes to join our nation’s congressional body? Sound off in the comments section below!