Trump Goes to Bat for 2A Rights

In recent years, the fight for Second Amendment rights has intensified throughout this country. With the increasingly radical Democrat Party comes more and more attempts to force gun control laws through government and into the lives of law-abiding citizens. Meanwhile, the left continues to lack a concrete plan for cracking down on real criminals.

Made in America Product Showcase by The White House, on Flickr

Made in America Product Showcase” (Public Domain) by The White House

Yesterday, President Trump took to Twitter, slamming 2020 Democrat Michael Bloomberg for his dismissive attitude towards Jack Wilson. Wilson rose to fame last month after he stopped a mass shooting in progress at the Texas-based West Freeway Church of Christ. Because Wilson was a good guy armed with a gun, he managed to save countless lives by directing shooting and thereby stopping the bad guy with a gun.

Unfortunately, Democrats won’t let even the most profound levels of logic, evidence or reason get in their way. Despite Wilson’s heroism, Bloomberg didn’t hesitate to go after him, prompting notable backlash from President Trump himself.

Trump on Bloomberg, Wilson, and the 2A

Wilson’s defense of his fellow churchgoers occurred on December 29, 2019. On this day, a shooter entered into the West Freeway Church of Christ and murdered two attendees. Before being able to do any more damage, Wilson bravely put an end to things by promptly killing the shooter. After the incident, Wilson stated that he simply viewed himself as doing the right thing.

Now, any reasonable individual can look at matters and understand that many more lives would’ve been lost if Wilson weren’t armed and willing to act. Nevertheless, Bloomberg saw no issue with minimizing Wilson’s bravery; the 2020 Democrat even professed that only law enforcement members, not “average citizens” should have access to firearms and “decide when to shoot.”

As seen above, President Trump had no issue censuring Bloomberg for such a terrible take. The president not only acknowledged the heroism of Jack Wilson, but also noted Bloomberg’s general antagonism towards the Second Amendment. The billionaire businessman turned 2020 Democrat is furthermore on record branding gun owners who keep firearms in their homes as “stupid.”

Shielding 2A Rights

Protecting this nation’s Second Amendment rights is absolutely imperative to freedom and liberty. Contrary to what Michael Bloomberg or other gun-hating Democrats may believe, Americans do have the right to bear arms. As seen by the heroic actions of Jack Wilson, good guys with guns do stop bad guys with guns; stripping so-called “average citizens” of gun rights will put more lives in peril, not save them.

21753195_1427311064023289_70148786439239 by The White House, on Flickr

21753195_1427311064023289_70148786439239” (Public Domain) by The White House

As seen in last month’s Texas church shooting, criminals do not follow gun control regulations. Law enforcement officers are amazing people, but cannot always be in every place at the precise moment that’s needed to stop a shooter. Had Jack Wilson not been armed and willing to act in December, a lot more churchgoers would have lost their lives before police officers arrived.

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