Trump Gearing Up for New Comeback in Politics

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

While today marks day two of the impeachment trial against Donald Trump, most Americans are aware enough to know how this story will end. Ultimately, the 45th president is likely to receive an acquittal, due to the number of GOP senators who oppose the trial.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

For right now, however, the ongoing trial is set to last throughout this week and possibly carry into the next. Trump’s legal defense team has already shared their remarks on why the trial of a former president is not constitutional, to begin with; this argument also managed to garner support from most Republicans.

As these proceedings play out, many Americans are wondering what the 45th president is up to. According to Newsmax, Trump is merely biding his time and gearing up for a new comeback in politics.

The Political Comeback of Donald Trump

There are many roads ahead for Trump in politics. The former president still remains deeply popular in the Republican Party, especially amongst conservative populists and grassroots right-wingers. Many leaders within the GOP have also credited Trump for bringing new voters over to the Republican side and speaking to Americans who felt forgotten.

Since leaving the White House, Trump has devoted his time to golfing and looking at paths ahead of him. Likewise, the 45th president also convened with the House GOP minority leader to discuss helping Republicans win the majority.

With midterm elections coming up in 2022, Americans can expect Trump to play a significant role. When the former president met with Leader Kevin McCarthy, the pair agreed that Trump would play a part in getting Republicans back into the House majority again.

Following the 2022 midterms will be the 2024 presidential election. This, too, is likely to involve Trump in one capacity or another.

The Power of Acquittal

Once Trump is formally acquitted by the Senate, he will be able to profess himself as clear and free of all charges. It will mark the second time that Trump received an acquittal, despite Democrats pushing forward with a trial.

Americans can expect to hear much more about impeachment proceedings over the next several days. The trial is already turning out to be largely partisan, with Democrats overwhelmingly in favor of conviction and Republicans overwhelmingly supportive of acquittal.

What do you think former President Trump’s political comeback will look like? How do you think this impeachment trial will turn out? Share your thoughts in the section for comments below.