Trump Emphasizes Power of Love for America

Yesterday, President Donald Trump traveled to Wisconsin in order to host a rally with his supporters.
During his time at the rally, the president spoke about a variety of issues, including the power of love for America, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing President Trump’s Statements

The president’s remarks about the power of loving America come at a time where the left is putting forth policy proposals which would absolutely decimate this country. Nevertheless, Trump professed that patriotism will ultimately prevail.
In his own words:

“No matter how hard they try to stop us, they can’t because our love for America will always be stronger than a corrupt thirst for power. I don’t — I tell you what, people say, oh, he wants to take over the country, he wants to extend … they don’t believe I’m leaving in six years. I promise at the end of six years, I’ll be very happy, but you’re going to be left with the strongest country you’ve ever had; I promise you.”

Trump’s words also come as his various detractors assert that he won’t want to leave the White House, even after a second term. Where the anti-Trump crowd got this idea remains unknown, but it’s not grounded in any factual basis or reality.
During the president’s time in Wisconsin, he also discussed further matters. Some examples of such include poor trade deals, financial relations with other countries, and even the infamous Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax.

The Power of Patriotism

Loving America is absolutely important, and that love must be shown in various ways. This means supporting policies which would benefit the country and standing against the left-wing extremism which threatens America on a nearly daily basis. Only through consistent effort and action will the love for America outweigh the thirst for power.
What do you think about the statements which President Trump made at his Wisconsin rally? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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