Trump Discusses Crisis at Southern Border

On Wednesday, President Trump appeared in Florida to host a rally with his supporters.
During his time in the Sunshine State, the president discussed issues taking place at the United States Southern border, as documented by Fox News.

Trump on the National Emergency Declaration and More

Earlier this year, President Trump declared a national emergency at the Southern border. It’s important to note that this national emergency declaration came after mounting immigration issues, a 35-day government shutdown, and the Democrats’ refusal to work with Trump on effective border security. Democrats have subsequently attempted to fight the president on the national emergency declaration, but thus far, it remains ongoing.
President Trump talked about this during yesterday’s gathering with his supporters:

“No nation can tolerate a massive organized violation of its immigration laws. No one should run for office without an ironclad pledge to protect and defend America’s border. Shouldn’t be allowed to run…and to confront this crisis — you saw that! It was a big deal two months ago. I declared a national emergency, which is what it is. This is an invasion!”

Crime at the Southern Border

Trump furthermore discussed the lackluster attitude which Democrats have taken towards illegal immigration and other forms of crime at the Southern border. This lackluster attitude has been seen time and time again as Democrats offer to take steps which would do absolutely nothing to halt the very real issues which are going on at the border.
One of those very real issues just so has to do with the trafficking of drugs, a matter which President Trump also discussed:

“We’re destroying the lives of hundreds and thousands of people a year with the drugs that are pouring across our southern border. They better damn well be careful because people are wise to it now.”

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