Trump: Democrats "Sheltering" Biden Because of Coronavirus

"President Trump and The First Lady Plant" (Public Domain) by The White House

No one can credibly deny the dramatic impact that COVID-19 has forced upon the 2020 presidential election.
Many states have placed voting on hold for fear of large gatherings. Other areas across the nation have mulled over the prospective of mail-in voting; this is inherently controversial, given the incredible capacity that mail-in voting has for corruption.

Yesterday, President Trump vocalized his thoughts about the 2020 presidential election and Joe Biden. Breitbart News reports the commander-in-chief’s claim that the Democrat Party is “sheltering” their presumptive nominee because of COVID-19.

Trump on the 2020 Presidential Election

During a White House coronavirus task force briefing, the president was asked about how he believes the virus will impact the 2020 election. When sharing his latest assessment of the former vice president, Trump was clear and concise. He stated that Biden is a “sleepy guy in the basement” that Democrats are working overtime to protect.

Moreover, the president explained that while he can’t project an outcome for the 2020 election, he knows that Democrats don’t want Biden on a general election debate stage.
After vocalizing his thoughts about Biden, the president also discussed the mainstream media. Trump called out the press’s dishonesty before noting the greatness of the American economy, prior to shutdowns in response to COVID-19.

A Trump vs. Biden Debate

Americans who are honest with themselves know that Trump would absolutely annihilate Biden on any debate stage. The presumptive Democrat nominee has consistently fumbled while speaking, forgotten his words, lost his train of thought.

Biden has also confused his wife for his sister and mistaken dates, states, and even names of world leaders. All things considered, it’s not a stretch to understand why Democrats are hiding Biden away in the basement of his Delaware home.
Do you think President Trump and Joe Biden will ever debate one another? How do you think COVID-19 will continue to impact the 2020 presidential election? Let us know in the comments section below!