Trump Campaign SLAMS Sanders' Call for Free Illegal Immigrant Healthcare

The provision of free services continues to serve as a central hallmark of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Apparently, the third-place Democrat candidate believes that these various free services ought to extend not just to Americans, but to illegal immigrants as well.
Sanders’ declarations which represent this ideology prompted significant backlash from President Trump’s re-election campaign team, as documented by Fox News.

Sanders and Free Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

During a public speaking event in Miami, Florida, Sanders defended his support for free healthcare services to illegal immigrants by claiming that such services are a “human right.”
This is very interesting because what the socialist left out is that Americans also have a right to keep the hard-earned money which they have worked for. Of course, taxpayers in this country will unequivocally lose more of their earnings if they have to pay more in taxes to fund the healthcare of individuals who illegally snuck into America.
In Sanders’ own words:

“When I talk about healthcare being a human right, the last time I heard that undocumented people are human beings as well.”

The Trump 2020 campaign had a response to this and didn’t hesitate to weigh in via Twitter:

Rights versus Privileges

If you listen to the Democrat candidates, they’re very big on things which they view as rights and obligations. Furthermore, they maintain that all these services should be free of charge; yet, aware people know that nothing comes for free. There is always a price and somehow, the American taxpayers always wind up footing the bill.
Illegal immigrants do not have the right to American services. By definition, they are criminals and should only be permitted into the country when they’ve followed the immigration laws. Rewarding illegal immigration in any form only enables more of it and sends a message to the rest of the world that breaking the United States immigration laws is OK.
Breaking the immigration laws is NOT OK. Quite frankly, it’s high time that candidates like Bernie Sanders stop spouting rhetoric about free this and free that. It’s dangerous and going to hurt so many Americans.
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