Trump Calls Out Washington Post for Fake News Hit Piece

Over the course of Donald Trump’s time in the political arena, he’s had to deal with fake news in its various forms. This actually predates all the way to the 2016 presidential election; it’s no secret that the mainstream media feared the idea of a Trump presidency. This is why various news outlets repeatedly misreported stories, left out important details, and otherwise used their platforms to promote inaccurate narratives.

Even after Trump defeated Clinton, the battle against fake news persisted. Throughout the president’s time in office, various outlets have taken it upon themselves to make up stories which simply aren’t accurate.

The latest instance of fake news comes from a hit piece published by the Washington Post; in this particular article, the Post trashes the president and accuses him of launching “racist attacks” against the infamous, progressive “Squad” members.

Getting the Story Straight

Whenever the president gets into a back-and-forth with someone who is not white, he is immediately accused of racism, a tactic which is played out and ridiculous. The truth of the matter is that none of Trump’s grievances with “The Squad” have to do with race, but rather with their concerning, anti-Semitic, and increasingly foolish statements.

Yesterday, the president took to Twitter and rightfully responded to the inaccurate piece on the Washington Post. In Trump’s rebuttal, he noted the “Squad’s” own racism and his subsequent responses to their various antics. Furthermore, Trump confirmed that this group of House caucus members are collective representations of the Democrat Party.

See for yourself:

The Real Villains of the Story

Time and time again, leftist media continues to push the narrative that President Trump is this mean, old racist who is out to destroy and divide America. It’s simply not factual, but countless people have fallen for this fish story anyway.

The true villains of the story are the ones who repeatedly diminish tragedies like 9/11, call for the abolition of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and claim that American politicians are taking bribes in order to support Israel.

None of this dangerous rhetoric comes from President Trump, but rather “The Squad” which Democrats love so much, hence why the president stated that they’ve become “the Party of the Squad.” It’s important to note that the three, aforementioned examples are only a mere fraction of concerning statements from individuals who were elected to serve in our United States government.

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