Trump Calls out Democrats for Playing Race Card

Democrats are well-known for employing the race card when things aren’t going away. This card is often played against their political opponents, but even sometimes towards those in their own party who provide dissenting opinions. Over time, Americans have learned that Democrats’ reliance on the race card is rooted in their inability to bring constructive and effective policies to the table. Overall, it’s the Democrat clown show and the people of this country have virtually no choice but to tune in.

Following President Trump’s criticism of the manner in which Rep. Elijah Cummings has managed his district, the president faced a plethora of progressive hate. Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi eagerly referred to Trump as racist…because somehow pointing out poor execution in the 7th district of Baltimore indicates racism to the left-wing. Nevertheless, as documented by Fox News, the president had to remind Pelosi that, not too long ago, she also was branded as a racist by members of her party.

Reviewing Trump’s Reminder to Pelosi

The president essentially took to Twitter to point out the frequency in which Democrats employ the race card when they’re losing. Trump noted that pointing out the poverty and low standards of living in Cummings’ district is not racist, especially in light of video evidence. When regarding Pelosi, the president reminded her of her recent feud with “The Squad” (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar) in which she was branded as racist.

Trump’s tweets on these matters read as follows:

The president also pointed out that Pelosi’s district isn’t coming along so well, either. San Francisco, California is facing rampant homelessness, crime, drugs, and so much more. At this time, it remains unclear whether or not Pelosi plans to take any actions to improve her district; still, she seems to have plenty of time to chime in with untrue accusations of racism.

Trump’s tweet about the failings in Pelosi’s district reads as follows:

All Played Out…

The race card is so beyond played out that it’s not even funny. Instead of reviewing the facts and criticism which Democrats face, they choose to accuse anyone who disagrees with them of racism. This has been going on some time and it’s actually become a progressive hallmark. Quite frankly, it would be fascinating to see what type of arguments Democrats could uphold if they weren’t able to ongoingly play the race card.

What’s interesting about Rep. Cummings’ lack of service in his district is that others have pointed it out. Bernie Sanders criticized the district for resembling a “third world country” years ago. Was this racist when Sanders said it? Of course not; Sanders isn’t a Republican or a conservative.

Trash, abandoned buildings, and atrocious living conditions are rampant in Baltimore, Maryland. Objectively, Cummings has done a terrible job of bettering the lives of those within his district.