Trump Calls DeSantis “Disloyal” as he Kicked Off His Campaign

In November 2022, Donald Trump declared his bid for the Republican nomination for president. On Saturday, he campaigned in South Carolina and New Hampshire, both early primary states.

Trump Outlines His Main Topics

Trump emphasized in South Carolina that this candidacy would be focused on problems and putting America back on course.

He also spoke on a number of other crucial topics for the American people, including the lunacy of the left’s attempt to outlaw gas stoves, the outcomes of liberal crime and policing policies, men playing in women’s sports, and more.

During a regrettable CNN interview, which was reportedly conducted on an aircraft, Trump made some digs at Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

He oddly referred to DeSantis as “unloyal” if he chooses to run for office, while telling Nikki Haley, who did work in his office, that she ought to do it.

On Saturday, amid his initial, significant campaign trip to New Hampshire and South Carolina, Trump said he’s the genius behind DeSantis’ ascent throughout his 2018 run for governor, asserting DeSantis wouldn’t be governor if it weren’t for him.

Therefore, Trump stated when he heard DeSantis was planning to run for president, he considered it disloyal.

Amid attacking the Florida governor, Trump told the press that Nikki Haley, who worked as his ambassador to the UN, reportedly called to let him know she is thinking about running for president in 2024.

Trump said he spoke with Haley briefly and advised her to follow her heart if she wanted to run. She stated in the open that she would never compete against Trump and felt he was a terrific president.

Trump claimed to have advised Haley to “do it.” Haley, who just moved her top advisers to Charleston, is reportedly debating when to start her campaign because she doesn’t want to be the first person to go at Trump alone.

She declared in 2021 that she would not oppose Trump if he campaigned for president once more in 2024.

In contrast to this odd distinction between “loyalty” and “betrayal,” Trump charged DeSantis with “rewriting history” in regard to the COVID epidemic.

During a press conference on his plane, Trump stated some Republican governors had not declared their states closed. Florida was shut down for a very long time, per Trump.

He continued, stating they’re trying to alter history. DeSantis has been contacted by CNN for comment.

DeSantis Faced Criticism

The Florida governor banned bars and nightclubs in March 2020.

He also urged people to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to keep group gatherings on beaches to a maximum of 10 people.

Due to the COVID-19 increase that fall, DeSantis issued an order in September allowing restaurants and bars to completely open. This move garnered condemnation from public health professionals.

Trump justified his handling of the pandemic, claiming he deferred to the governors’ judgment.