Trump Banned on Facebook for a Further Two Years

"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Surprise surprise!

Donald Trump’s Facebook ban has been reviewed by the Oversight Board. It has since been determined that suspension will remain in place for another two years.

They ridiculously claim that the suspension is in place due to concerns of public safety. 

“Trump MAGA rally in Johnson City, Tennes” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

Hamas Leaders and The Supreme leader of Iran are all allowed on the platform where they regularly encourage the death of millions of Israelis or Westerners.

Trump was able to hit back via a statement that was obtained by Politico. He said that Facebook’s decision to ban him for so long is an insult to the record-breaking 75 million voters.

Trump added that Facebook shouldn’t be allowed to get away with censorship or silence and that the American people will triumph in the end. He concluded that the abuse big tech is carrying out will no longer be tolerated in our country!

Why Banning Trump is Dangerous

Attacks on free speech are always dangerous; yet when the president of the world’s most powerful nation is indefinitely removed from his primary communication platform, it is not only dangerous. It is also partisan and reckless.

Donald Trump clearly did not inspire the riot at the Capitol on January 6th. He mentioned a peaceful march to show support for the members representing him on the Hill; although, since the incident, the left has totally blamed him for orchestrating the whole thing.

This is a dangerous show of force from the left. They were able to fabricate a narrative, push it to the public via their lapdog media, and then remove the sitting president’s ability to communicate with the nation he was elected to rule.

The precedent set is terrifying.

Why It’s Bad for Democrats, Too

It is certain that the reckless censorship has shocked many on-the-fence Democrats and provided Trump the perfect premise to use against them, should he run again. Essentially, by banning the president, they simply proved him right. 

Democrats silence their opponents, the media is in their back pockets, and they are prepared to do anything to have him removed.

Democrats absolutely confirmed that theory for many Americans already concerned over the rising levels of tech censorship; the left cemented the notion that tech, the media, and the Democrat Party are in cahoots. 

How can Trump Fight Back?

Donald Trump can still rely on the media being absolutely obsessed with everything he has to say. Regardless of the banning, he still enjoys this strange fascination with him by almost everyone. 

He may be able to ride the media coverage of this banning to highlight the dangers of big tech’s coalition with the Democrats. He may be able to rally the sympathy vote, meaning people who were on the fence throw their support behind the former president.