Trump and Biden Campaigns Focused on Battleground States

"President Trump Travels to NC" (Public Domain) by The White House

There are now two days and one week left until November 3. The clock to Election Day is rapidly ticking and both the Trump and Biden campaigns remain at work.
This week, both campaigns will be taking steps to ensure they secure enough votes to win the election next month. At this time, a series of polls show that Trump is leading Biden in Michigan, Florida, Arizona, and other areas. Meanwhile, the Democrat candidate’s campaign staff is on the record admitting that this election will be close and that Trump could win.

On this Monday, the Trump campaign and Biden campaign are largely focused on winning battleground states, according to Fox News.

A Look at the Trump Campaign

Today, the 45th president is set to spend a fair amount of time in Arizona. Despite its ties to conservativism, Arizona is considered a battleground state in the 2020 presidential election; however, certain polls have shown President Trump with a lead over Biden here.
While in Arizona, Trump will hold two campaigns, one in Tuscon and another in Phoenix. Meanwhile, Vice President Pence will travel to Pennsylvania and Maine today to hold two rallies of his own.
Rallies from both Trump and Pence will focus on how four more years of the current White House administration will better Americans’ lives and the nation at large.

A Look at the Biden Campaign

Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris will spend time in Florida today in order to promote early voting. While in the Sunshine State, Harris will rally with Democrats in both Jacksonville and Orlando. Her visit today arrives with today being the very first date for early voting in Florida.

Meanwhile, there is no word on what Joe Biden will do today or where he will be this Monday. At this point, absence from the campaign trail has become par-for-the-course for the Democrat who wants to become president; Biden continues to face criticism for calling campaign lids extremely early in the day, often prior to noon or 11:00 AM.
Later this week, the Biden campaign will have former President Barack Obama stump for the former vice president in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Assistance from Obama is also set to arrive one day before Biden debates Trump for a final time on October 22.
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