Trump Allies Putting Distance Between POTUS, Sidney Powell

"President Trump Returns to the White Hou" (Public Domain) by The White House

Amid the legal controversies surrounding the 2020 presidential election, attorney Sidney Powell is somewhat of a wild card.
At least during the very beginning of litigation proceedings, Powell was listed as an attorney working on the president’s behalf. However, weeks ago and following the commencement of litigation, Trump’s attorneys released a statement, declaring that Powell had no affiliation to them or the president whatsoever.

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Nevertheless, this has not stopped Powell from working independently. She’s promised to produce “biblical” evidence of voter fraud and release “Krakens,” but Americans have yet to see it. Federal judges in Michigan and Georgia subsequently tossed the lawsuits that Powell actually did manage to bring forward earlier this month.
Now, Powell is alleging that aides and allies of President Trump are purposefully keeping her away from him, per Newsmax.

Keeping Sidney Powell at Arm’s Length

According to Powell, her last conversation with President Trump took place on Friday. The lawyer has also publicly declared that the individuals around Trump aren’t supporting him, but instead “undermining” and “misleading” him.
During a conversation with Washington Examiner, Powell detailed her struggles with communicating with Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney. She also alleges that her claims about international interference engendered “irrational hostility” from Giuliani and others.

Powell then made sure to assert that White House staffers are blocking her communications with Trump since she claimed that China and Iran played a hand in 2020 election interference.
Giuliani and others have gone out of their way to assure the public that Powell speaks for and represents no one other than herself.

Making a Case without Powell

Attorneys representing President Trump have clearly decided to proceed with litigation while keeping Powell on the outs. Giuliani and others furthermore maintain that Powell’s statements lack merit and actually do harm to the work of the Trump legal team.
Amid the legal team and White House working to create distance between Trump and Powell, news has broken that she won’t be his special counsel after all. For a while, this appeared to be on the table for the attorney, especially in light of previous meetings she held with the president at the White House.
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