Trump Administration to Crack Down on Food Stamp Abuse

“Entitlement” programs are largely favored by the left-wing. For quite some time, Democrats have gotten on board with the narrative that programs which provide food stamps and other benefits are advantageous to individuals who are struggling. In adopting this narrative, the left-wing has also pushed back against the suggestions of work requirements for government benefits or even putting in place certain stipulations.

Obviously, allowing free government benefits with without work requirements or other guidelines has led to rampant abuse. Still, many Democrats have chosen to turn a blind eye and simply pretend like this isn’t so.

Democrats may be turning a blind eye to reality, but the Trump administration is not. New reports from Fox News indicate that President Trump is set to announce new restrictions regarding food stamps. The announcement of forthcoming restrictions comes as the United States experiences record highs of employment. Therefore, it goes without saying that if more people are working, there should be fewer individuals on food stamps.

This is really basis 1+1.

The Upcoming Announcement from the Trump Administration

Per the aforementioned reports, the Trump administration will announce additional reviews of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) cases. Individuals who enroll in TANF are typically automatic recipients of food stamp programs. This will likely change as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) looks into whether or not persons on this program are truly in need of it.

This measure will approximately impact more than three million Americans who are on food stamps. Moreover, the reduction of food stamp recipients will reportedly save taxpayers $2.5 billion dollars annually. Already, there is left-wing outrage about removing individuals from food stamp programs and supposed concerns about aftermath which struggling individuals will face.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has conversely spoken out in favor of the initiative:

“This proposal will save money and preserve the integrity of the program. SNAP should be a temporary safety net.”

The Truth about “Entitlement” Programs

Programs like food stamps which rely on taxpayer dollars are not “entitlements,” despite this causal and inaccurate reference. No person is entitled to the fruits of another’s labor. Food stamps were always designed to serve as a safety net, but this original purpose has been bastardized. Now, there are many individuals in this country who abuse the system and view government programs as free handouts. It’s quite unfortunate, but this is the reality that we’re currently living in.

No matter how much progressives kick, scream, or cry racism, the abuse of government programs has to come to an end. Today may very well be the beginning of a this necessary end.

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