Trump Administration Officials Take on Human Trafficking During Georgia Visit

"President Donald Trump in MN" (Public Domain) by The White House

The plight of human trafficking is a very serious issue that the Trump administration continues to take on.
Earlier this year, the White House held a summit on human trafficking; during this event, various speakers divulged information about their experiences with taking on this evil, along with funding and legislative actions to end human trafficking.

The Trump administration also gave a platform for several survivors of human trafficking to speak about their experiences and subsequent recoveries.
As time passes, the work to bring an end to the trafficking of human beings remains. This is why first daughter Ivanka Trump and U.S. Attorney General William Barr traveled to Georgia yesterday, according to Townhall.

What to Know About Trump and Barr’s Georgia Visit on Monday

Yesterday, both the first daughter and U.S. attorney general met with governor of Georgia Brian Kemp (R), his wife Marty Kemp, and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.
During this time, the Peach State’s “Operation Not Forgotten” was discussed and lauded; Operation Not Forgotten is an anti-human trafficking group that has rescued 39 children from the clutches of human traffickers.

During Trump and Barr’s time in Georgia, they announced that the U.S. Department of Justice will provide $100 million dollars in new grants to end human trafficking.
Specific measures for these funds will go towards research, the establishment of different taskforces, victim service assistance, and various jurisdictions at local, tribal, and state levels.
Finally, the Office of Justice Programs is also providing $101 million dollars for the purposes of not only ending human trafficking, but also aiding victims and survivors of this atrocity.

Silence from the Leftist Media

The quest to end human trafficking is one of an increasingly rare type of issue that is completely non-partisan. However, the leftist media and Democrats in general remain silent about the Trump administration’s consistent and ongoing work to end human trafficking in America.

Ivanka Trump, Attorney General Barr, and others may not get props from the mainstream media; however, their work to end human trafficking will have a significant impact on so many lives. Should the president win a second term in office, combatting human trafficking is an issue that the nation can expect Trump’s administration to continue working on.
What did you think of the first daughter and attorney general’s visit to Georgia on Monday? Are you pleased with their work to end human trafficking? Let us know down below in the comments section!