Trump Administration Official Calls out CNN

The anti-Trumpism and the investment which CNN had in the Russia investigation deeming President Trump as guilty is no secret to anyone who’s been paying attention.
On Friday, White House principal deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley spoke about his Thursday interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, as documented by Fox News.

Gidley vs. Cooper

Gidley appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingraham to discuss his interview with Anderson Cooper which took place a day prior. During his time on the Ingraham Angle, Gidley explained that he wasn’t going to allow himself to be lectured by a dishonest member of the mainstream media.
In his own words:

“First of all, I’m not going to take a lecture on truth-telling from anybody in the mainstream media who has been lying about this president for the last two years, telling the American people that Donald Trump committed treason which is a crime punishable by death as you well know.”

The remarks of the White House principal deputy press secretary come after he and Cooper got into a back and forth over the honesty of President Trump. On Thursday, Gidley was asked by Cooper whether or not the president has ever lied. When Gidley responded by stating that he wasn’t aware of Trump lying, Cooper condescendingly stated, “I feel bad that you’re scared to say your boss lied.”
Finally, Gidley responded by reminding Cooper of the fact that CNN has always wanted the president to be guilty of collusion.

The Vested Interest in Seeing Trump as Guilty

CNN and President Trump have butted heads many times. During the nearly two years which Mueller’s investigation remained underway, CNN ran countless reports where they all but outright stated that the president colluded with the Russians. Democrats, as a whole, have maintained a vested interested in wanting Trump to be guilty because if he’s guilty, then the door to impeachment opens. This is something which the left-wing has constantly tried and failed to do.
Trump has been cleared of claims that he colluded with the Russian government; therefore, Democrats are now attempting to impeach Trump by claiming that he obstructed justice during Mueller’s investigation.
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