Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Weighs in on Flipping States Red

On Sunday, Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale appeared on air for an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation.
During Parscale’s segment, he affirmed that there are several traditionally blue states which could be flipped red, as reported by Fox News.

The Potential to Flip States Red

The 2020 presidential election is gearing up to be quite intense, to say the least. Democrats are more than eager to take on Trump and willing to employ virtually any means to take him down. As the radical, progressive left continues to come out of the woodwork, President Trump will certainly face a contender who is eager to beat him.
However, despite the mania, crazy conspiracy theories and the attempt to dig into the president’s private financial documents, there’s still hope. According to Brad Parscale, the Trump 2020 campaign has a really great chance of being able to turn traditionally blue states into red ones for this election.
In Parscale’s own words:

“In every single metric we’re looking at being bigger, better and badder than we were in 2016. But this time we’re not out there trying to prove we can do something. The president’s proved he has done it, and now we just have to deliver what he’s done.”

The good news is that President Trump will have a lot going for himself in the 2020 election. Aside from his policies and presidential accomplishments, Democrats aren’t exactly presenting themselves as credible candidates who stand a real chance of winning.
Being as radical and far left as possible may win a party nomination for one of the Democrats, but it won’t win a general election. In a general election, the candidate will need to appeal to more people than just extreme, radical leftists. Thus far, the policies which Democrats are openly supportive of fail to meet this benchmark.
2020 will likely be an extremely easy win for President Trump.
Do you think Brad Parscale is right? Will the Trump 2020 campaign manage to turn blue states into red states? Give us your thoughts and predictions in the comments section down below!
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