Transition Resources Given to Biden by General Services Administration

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New developments continue to break in the 2020 presidential race; however, the perception of these developments largely varies, depending upon a series of factors.
Just today, the nation has learned that 79% of Trump voters don’t believe the 2020 presidential election was honest or fair; subsequently, this led to “79% of Trump” trending on Twitter as of this morning.

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Amid the ongoing disputes surrounding this election, news broke. To say that many of the president’s supporters aren’t happy about this news is an understatement. On Monday, President Trump officially gave the General Services Administration the green light to commence the transition of power over to Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, per Breitbart News.
The General Services Administration had previously committed to holding off on the provision of necessary space and resources until the official certification and declaration of Biden as vice president.

What to Know About the Transition of Power to Biden

The president’s announcement of a power transition to Biden occurred via Twitter. Trump first began by lauding General Service Administration official Emily Murphy for her service to the nation.
After noting the extent to which Murphy has faced death threats and harassment for not commencing a transition of power over to Biden, Trump then stated his recommendation for the GSA official to “do what needs to be done” regarding “initial protocols.”
The president then explained that the cases brought forth by his legal team maintain; this was followed by Trump noting that the “good fight” will proceed and affirming his confidence in his legal team prevailing.

The Letter from Murphy to Biden

In a letter from the General Services Administration official to Biden, Murphy documented the extent of the death threats she received. According to Murphy, she, her staffers, relatives, and pets faced repeated threats and verbal attacks.
The letter also confirms that the General Services Administration is giving Biden’s team $6.3 million to start the transition into power. Likewise, Biden now has access to one million dollars for the necessary orientation of his chosen appointees.

Following the news of the General Services Administration’s decision, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris heralded the news as a confirmation of their 2020 election victory.
What do you think about President Trump’s approval of the General Services Administration beginning a formal transition of power to Biden? What do you think will come of the Trump legal team’s court battles? Let us know down below in the comments section.