Trans Soldiers Can “Skip” Deployment

A Department of Defense directive states that transgender American soldiers receiving hormone therapy may forego missions.

This is Crazy

This naturally raises concerns about the increasingly contentious subject of transgender people enlisting in the Armed Forces. Why should transgender persons receive such preferential treatment?

In accordance with a February 2023 Department of Defense letter explaining care at the Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC) at Fort Liberty, transgender personnel taking hormone therapy may postpone deployment for as long as 300 days.

The document notes that the majority of military personnel are going to need up to 300 days to be stabilized on cross-sex hormonal therapy. Also, the majority are going to stay in a non-deployable condition throughout that period.

The dossier was the source for the memo’s first acquisition and publication.

That timeframe, meanwhile, remains dependent on whenever the service member is “clinically stable.”

The memo then documents other techniques and medicines that transgender soldiers may get from the WAMC at the expense of the government.

The memo stated that transgender members of the military might request “surgical treatment,” which could include “upper” and “bottom” surgical procedures, after completing a year of treatment with hormones.

The transgender military personnel may possibly request surgery before first undergoing hormone therapy, according to the statement.

Disaster Pending

How can this not lead to catastrophe? What use does it serve to sign up those who are incapable of serving their country when needed?

In general, the American public does not support this decision. Many have posted their opinions and shared their disappointment in the Biden administration for promoting this ludicrous ideology.

One veteran commented, saying this is not a government that he would serve, given the choice.

Others have expressed outrage over the idea that a person would receive a salary and free hormone therapy without having to perform their duties and then likely be dismissed due to “mental health issues”.