Top Business Groups Seek Foreign Workers as Millions of Americans Remain Unemployed

"Chamber Of Commerce 03" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by davidseibold

As 2021 carries on, unemployment remains a very real issue in the nation. The current president is not only advancing the plight of joblessness, but he’s also putting special interest groups above Americans.

“A Visit to Chamber of Commerce” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Overpass Light Brigade

Right now, there are at least 17 million Americans who are unemployed. However, Biden is more focused on catering to teachers’ unions, pleasing radical environmentalists, and keeping the far left happy. His policies are only contributing to problems in the country and the executive actions aren’t doing Americans any favors, either.

According to Breitbart News, Biden is now facing pressure to permit big businesses to bring in foreign (cheaper) workers while Americans struggle.

A Higher Demand for Foreign Workers

When Donald Trump was president, he shut down a series of measures that would place foreign workers over U.S. workers. As a result, at least 600,000 jobs were given to Americans who desperately needed them.

Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Biden to do the same. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is already reaching out to the current president, calling on him to allow the ushering in of foreign workers. Of course, the big businesses with this agenda simply aim to reduce the fees they pay for labor; however, it is American workers who will ultimately get the short end of the stick.

Biden knows this. However, his White House press secretary is already on record stating that foreign workers have the right to jobs here in the U.S….even if this means undercutting Americans. At a time like this, U.S. citizens are more in need of jobs than ever.

Putting American Interests Last

Throughout Biden’s presidency, he has consistently and aggressively put American interests last. This is quite troublesome, especially in light of the damage done in less than 100 days.

While the Biden administration caters to foreign workers, teachers’ unions, and special interest groups, American families, workers, and children are suffering. It also doesn’t help matters that this president is closed off to working with Republicans in any serious capacity.

The average American will have a much better chance at survival if Republicans regain at least one congressional chamber next year. If Democrats continue to maintain their monopoly on both the House and the Senate, what’s happening right now will only persist and worsen.

Do you believe the Biden administration will continue to put foreign workers and special interests groups ahead of the everyday American? Let us know down below in the comments section.