Top 10 Predictions for 2019, A Year That Will Make 2018 Look Sane

With a New Year comes inherent opportunities and room for growth and changes. This is especially true in the political world, where new and interesting occurrences take place virtually every day.

As a matter of fact, the nature of politics serves as the driving force behind a series of predictions which Townhall made for 2019.

A Closer Look at the Predictions

The following predictions fall under the category of events which Townhall believes will take place over the course of this year.

  • Robert Mueller will bring his Russia investigation to an end; no concrete evidence will surface to prove that President Trump colluded. House Democrats will subsequently attempt to impeach the president, only to be shut down by the Senate.
  • Liberals will attempt to get an ultra far-leftist into the Supreme Court as the opening presents itself.
  • Justice John Roberts will go “full Souter.”
  • The economy will flourish under President Trump, despite the Democrats’ attempts to interfere with this.
  • Many Democratic candidates who currently appear poised to take on the president in the 2020 election will either not run, or run and fail to get their party’s nomination.
  • Hollywood will continue to attack President Trump and go after Republicans and conservatives.
  • Lindsey Graham will maintain his newfound status as a conservative firebrand.
  • Michael Cohen will get a book deal, despite his forthcoming prison sentence.
  • Most of the American troops will be able to get out of Afghanistan.
  • Silicon Valley big tech companies will continue the systemic censorship of conservatives, only to receive massive pushback.

The Likelihood of the Predictions

Of course, there is no way to tell the future with absolute certainty. However, the predictions seen above are not exactly far-fetched. As a matter of fact, many of Townhall’s forecasts are merely continuations of matters which occurred in 2017 and 2018.


What do you think about the predictions which Townhall listed? Which one(s) do you think are likelier than others? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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