Three-Year-Old Has Serious Accident in Florida

Tragedy struck this past week in Florida.

According to Mike Chitwood, who is Volusia’s Country Sheriff, a three-year boy shot himself in the face after he accessed his parent’s bedroom and found the weapon on their bedside table. Chitwood addressed the press on Thursday about the tragedy.

Child Finds Loaded Gun

According to Chitwood, the boy was being looked after by his 16-year-old sister when his mother and father went to the grocery shop. At the time of the occurrence, the residence also housed an eight-year-old brother.

The child’s father, a correctional officer for the state of Florida, told detectives he usually stores his weapons in a safe inside the room, but the safe was just not securely latching.

In the somber news conference, Chitwood revealed a second firearm had been discovered just above the fridge.

Chitwood expressed his concern over gun safety and responsible gun ownership, saying he wished he could make parents listen to the recording of a 16-year-old girl informing that her toddler brother shot himself in the face and was unresponsive.

Chitwood said he felt parents would rush out to buy a safe if they had to hear that. Then, Chitwood clarified in the press conference that the family did own a safe, but it was not fully operational at the time.

After several 911 reports from the sister and both of the boys’ parents on Wednesday evening at around 6 p.m. ET, police arrived at the location of the tragedy in DeLand, Florida.

The youngster was taken to a hospital where doctors there declared him dead, according to the sheriff’s office.

The state attorney’s office will review the matter before deciding whether to press charges or not.

Chitwood added he did not believe there was any punishment by the law more severe or worse than what already happened to the family the previous day. Certainly, nothing could be worse than being responsible for the accidental death of your three-year-old.

In addition, he expressed worry for the officers who observed the horrifying incident and attended the scene. Chitwood promised they would all be required to seek counseling as a result of the life-changing and disturbing call.

Responders Left Traumatized

He continued by saying the whole tragic situation shouldn’t have transpired.

Likewise, his officers and emergency operators shouldn’t be experiencing the things they are currently trying to deal with and work their way through.

Chitwood revealed the first responder attempted to administer CPR, despite realizing the child was more than likely already deceased from the gunshot wound.

The deputy was left covered in blood. She was obviously feeling traumatized by what she witnessed when seeing the gravely wounded child. What she went through while attempting to save him was also very hurtful.