This is an Awesome Way YOU Can Stick it to Nancy and Chuck!

As the border wall debate continues to mount, the Trump 2020 campaign has found a great way for supporters to donate to the cause while simultaneously sending a clear message to Democratic leaders who continue to interfere with effective border security.

How to Stick it to Nancy and Chuck

Conservatives and Trump supporters who are eager to for the construction of the border wall can donate $20.20 to the re-election campaign; in return for this donation, a faux brick will be sent to the offices of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
On Friday, the Trump 2020 campaign sent out the following emails to supporters:

“Weeks after the Democrats began stonewalling President Trump in his fight to secure our border, the American people now have a chance to send a clear message to Democrat leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi about the need to build the wall.”

Brad Parscale, President Trump’s re-election campaign manager, maintains that sending faux bricks to the offices of Pelosi and Schumer is not merely a fundraising tactic. It’s also the president’s way of delivering a very clear and concise message.

“Since Chuck and Nancy keep stonewalling the president, we’ll send the wall to them, brick by brick, until they agree to secure the border. Each brick contains facts about the crime, drugs, and human trafficking that result from open borders.”

A Backstory on the Border Wall

The current government shutdown went into effect on December 21, 2018, after President Trump and Democratic leaders were unable to reach an agreement on legislative funding. Yesterday, the president put forth an immigration compromise bill which would have reopened government. Trump would have given DACA protections for various illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as minors; in exchange, Democrats would have granted the funds needed for the physical barrier at the United States Southern border.
Of course, the Democrats shot down the offer, thus proving that they’re not serious about reopening government and using faux outrage over struggling federal workers to demonize President Trump.  This is not unusual; Democrats frequently create problems and then put forth terrible solutions (or none at all) in order to solve them.
If Pelosi and Schumer were truly as morally superior as they pretend to be, if they truly felt concern for furloughed and unpaid federal workers, they would have accepted the immigration compromise proposal which President Trump put forth yesterday.
Will you pitch in and send a brick to the offices of Nancy and Chuck? Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments section below!
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