New Case by the AG to Have Border Wall Construction Restarted

Arizona State Attorney Mark Brnovich filed an application for a summary judgment on Monday; in this application, Brnovich pursued to overturn the Biden government’s choice to halt construction of the wall along the border.

The Arizona state attorney also seeks to reintroduce President Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, already recognized as the Stay in Mexico legislation.

In a release, Brnovich said that there is no question that now the Biden government’s immigration rules are creating a social, public security, and ecological disaster at our borderline.

He added that he will do all in his power to safeguard Arizona and put an end to Biden’s harmful actions.

Halting the Border Wall Construction has Environmental Impacts

Brnovich brought a case against Homeland Security officials in April; he insinuated that perhaps the halting of border construction, as well as the MPP policy, were in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act.

This act necessitates government agencies, such as the DHS, to take into account external factors prior to actually taking any major federal activity.

The lawsuit filed adds to Brnovich’s prior civil suit; it alleges that now the government’s rejection to use funds appropriated by Legislature for structural work infringes upon the Bill of Rights and the Impoundment Control Act.

The lawsuit also argues that the government failed to manage an algorithmic environmental impact assessment for a strategy that will have substantial environmental consequences.

The major decisions by the Biden government were also described as unfair and unjust in the case. DHS has been approached by the Epoch Times for comments on the case.

During his first day in power, President Joe Biden stopped the building of the border fence. He instructed the DHS to halt the MPP program a few days later, but it has since been formally canceled.

A request for a summary judgment is also included in Monday’s case; this case urged the judge to nullify the terminations of border fence agreements and largely restore the MPP rule until a proper environmental investigation is done.

Biden’s cancellation of border fence building and MPP, according to the complaint, had a substantial influence in creating the rapid flow of people.

180,034 migrants were intercepted by US Customs and Immigration all along the southern border in May.

Dumping Garbage Over the Border Remains an Issue As Long as There is No Wall

According to the lawsuit, the Arizona Department of Environmental Protection estimates each boundary dumps an equivalent of six to eight pounds of garbage behind.

Crossing the border legally will harm plants and wildlife, imperil endangered animals, and have an impact on the natural environment, mainly water, according to the lawsuit.

One of the environmental repercussions is illness and mortality among migrants, as a result of unsafe checkpoints.

Brnovich has launched a number of cases in an attempt to put a stop to Biden’s deportation and immigration initiatives.

He filed a lawsuit in February challenging the Biden regime’s 100-day repatriation hold. He and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen also launched a joint suit in May to stop the government’s expulsion guidelines from tightening.