Theories Surface About Fifth Airplane During 9/11 Attack

A recently released documentary has raised doubts regarding United Flight 23 and if it was supposed to become the fifth plane used in the 9/11 attacks.

Possible Fifth Flight in Attack

The flight’s captain and three members of the crew suspect that it was meant to be utilized in the assaults.

They raise issues regarding why there was a burka-wearing man seated in first class, alongside three other Arab men.

Questions were also raised over the fact there was no one else seated in the VIP section. One of these individuals became upset when departure was delayed, asking for the aircraft to take off while it waited at the gate.

At about 9 AM, all flights from the New York airport were ground at the same time the second airplane crashed into the World Trade Center.

When the flights were cancelled, the FBI then discovered four open hatches on the flooring of the passenger cabin, even though the crew left them shut and the aircraft was locked up. This presented as being very suspicious and was taken seriously.

Eventually, a set of box cutters were located on the adjacent airplane, whose tail number was very close to United 23, but for one digit. It’s believed the box cutters were put on the wrong plane.

The FBI declined to disclose to the captain, the staff, or the videographers if one of these passengers had been located after they disembarked the plane.

Suspicious Passengers

Flight attendants Sandy Thorngren and Barbara Brockie Smaldino both reported witnessing a guy wearing a burka, together with three other Arabs who were sitting in first class. Alongside the burka-clad gentleman was an individual who seemed to be a bodyguard.

United 23 did not appear in the initial investigation or report of the 9/11 Commission and there weren’t any verified arrests of individuals on board.