The US Military Comes Under Rocket Fire in the Middle East

Late on Monday evening, US forces in Syria were attacked by rockets; this happened just hours following Joe Biden authorized strikes on Iran-backed militias stationed near the Iraq–Syria frontier.

Wayne Moratto, a representative for the US forces in Syria, Colonel, claimed that US soldiers replied to the missile attacks by returning fire at the rocket launchers.

No US Personel Have Been Harmed

Multiple missiles were fired at US ground forces. There have been no fatalities; the destruction caused by the attack is being inspected, according to Maratto’s Twitter account.

While under assault from numerous rockets, US personnel in Syria reacted in self-defense and fired back to neutralize the rocket launchers.

It was unclear who launched the missiles near the US outpost in Deir Ezzour, Syria.  According to The Jerusalem Post, Iran-supported militia groups claimed they had carried out the attack.

Antony Blinken told journalists in Italy (only hours before the missile launch) that the US attacks on Sunday were needed, proportionate, and planned in order to reduce the risk of escalating and convey a clear, unequivocal deterrent signal to the militias.

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense stated in a report that the preventive precise strikes were taken out on sites known for use by militants involved in UAV assaults against the US persons and installations in Iraq.

The Department of Defense refused to say if anybody was killed or wounded. Four members of Iran-backed militant groups were killed in the attacks, according to the organizations.

A few terror organizations, such as Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada, use the infrastructure, according to the US Department of State. The strikes intended to target organizational and armaments facilities at multiple places in Syria and Iraq.

According to the Defense Department, the steps demonstrate that the US POTUS is prepared to act to safeguard US people in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi military. In order to destroy ISIS, US and alliance soldiers have been battling alongside Iraqi police and military.

Why is the Army Playing the Victim?

In a statement, it was said that the American government exercised its right to self-defense under international treaties. 

This line highlights the weakness of the Biden administration. Instead of taking the strong position of justifying its actions in the pursuit of eliminating threats, the administration has decided that playing the victim will win them support. 

America’s enemies do not respect nor feel sympathy towards a “victim.” That is why this line of defense is a poor one.

In order to project strength, one should not make excuses for their actions. The Biden administration is failing to convince America’s enemies that it means business in the area. If the targets were legitimate, there should be no reason to try and defend the action.