The Left is Leaving Biden and Fast

The arrival of tens of thousands of Haitians at the southern border of the United States has landed the Biden administration squarely in the middle of immigration politics. This is an arena that the White House hoped to avoid.

Biden is Alone – The Left is Leaving Him

The White House reacted to pictures and videos of Border Patrol agents using brutal tactics to apprehend foreigners in the last 24 hours by pledging to endorse an inner investigation.

What it has not yet achieved is finding a solution to the overcrowding and hygienic issues that have arisen in what turned into a makeshift campground. The White House furthermore is failing to end its policy of resettling migrants as soon as they arrive.

That’s left the head of state and his squad with few followers and partners.

An alliance of more than 38 human rights and migrant activism representatives sent the White House a note on Tuesday night. This note called on Biden to immediately cease deportations of Haitians (many of whom showed up at the border town of Del Rio, Texas) within a week of fleeing persecution and natural catastrophes in their home nation.

Nana Gyamfi (executive director of the Black Fair Immigration Alliance and chairwoman of the National Conference of Black Lawyers) said the letter was first provided to Politico, marking the “last straw.”

The coalition includes the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch, and the Civil Rights and Human Rights Leadership Conference. Each of these groups called this moment a “turning point” in Biden’s commitment to humanitarian immigration policy.

The letter reads that the responsibility for the suffering and death caused by temporary deportation and deportation itself is now directly borne by Biden’s government and will become part of his permanent heritage.

Later, the letter claims deportation flights to Haiti must be stopped and those seeking safety at U.S. borders must obtain legal and safe asylum opportunities.

The Democrat Big Wigs are Ditching Biden

The members of the president’s own party, from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on down, once again called for an end to the deportations. They are doing this more and more while turning their anger towards the White House’s handling of the situation.

Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar will hold a press conference to call on Biden to stop the deportations. The White House condemned the Border Patrol officers on horseback, apparently using the reins to stop Haitian immigrants, causing the agents themselves to be frustrated.

Closer to home, on Tuesday, the National Border Patrol Union slammed the White House, saying it had no plans to deal with the influx of approximately 15,000 immigrants, which overwhelmed the agents.

The chairman of the National Border Patrol Commission, Brandon Judd, provided the text from an email sent by the union to the government in June. This email was warning of an influx of immigrants into Del Rio.

In these texts, the union proposes a way to deal with crowds more smoothly. However, according to the union, the Del Rio Border Patrol management’s response was that several other more effective platforms are being considered.