The Investigation Against Hunter Is Closing In

The House Republicans are ramping up their investigation of Hunter Biden. They say they have now found the smoking gun proving that Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother, James, raked in millions from shady clients in China and Romania.

They claim these were part of payoffs in which the Bidens promised access to federal government favors and Joe Biden as VP in return for bribes.

The Bidens Have SARs

The claims from the House GOP come as a result of combing through over 150 SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports) against Hunter, James, and others. SARs are generated by banks and financial institutions as a way to flag transactions for a closer look.

House Oversight Chief Congressman James Comer said these SARs have shed a lot of light on the corruption that’s gone on with Hunter and his family.

They even include alleged financial evidence of sex trafficking from Eastern Europe and Russia, according to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who said she’s seen the documents.

In fact, Comer said there’s so much dirt in these financial records that they now form the foundation of his investigation.

Biden Regime Says Investigation is a Stupid ‘Stunt’

The Biden White House says the whole GOP investigation into Hunter and the Biden family is a stupid “political stunt.” White House representative Ian Sams took a shot at Comer himself, saying Comer likes to speak “baseless innuendo” and can’t be trusted.

While it’s true that SARs don’t prove guilt and are not that rare when large transactions are involved, they do carry some weight. The fact that Hunter, James, and the Biden crime family was having over 150 SARs lodged against them is no small issue.

The fact that evidence exists of pay-for-play, giving people access to Joe Biden when he was VP, is also alarmingly serious, as are the sex trafficking allegations.

The Bottom Line

This investigation is finally turning up some real evidence. The dragnet is closing in on Hunter and the Biden crime family.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.