The Importance of the Flag and Freedom

The American flag, designed by Congressman Francis Hopkinson and sewn by Betsy Ross, has become the global symbol of freedom and liberty.

Although some on the radical left disagree, for millions of Americans and billions around the world, the flag signifies the one thing we all want: the American dream.

What makes the American dream global? Well, for many around the world who live in abject poverty and desolation, the idea of a place where well-paying jobs are ever-present, tax rates are comparatively low, and the rule of law is applied seems so distant.

The American flag is that symbol to them that one does not need to live under oppression; liberty and freedom are not unachievable goals.

Why Celebrating the 4th of July is so Important

The Symbolism of celebrating freedom over oppression is a powerful message to the world that the United States will always fight to defend its freedom.

When the war of independence began, few believed that the 13 Colonies would be able to resist the military might of the British Empire; however, under inspiring leadership and the will courageous soldiers, America’s independence was won, once and for all. 

Apart from the military significance of defeating the Super Power of Great Britain, the message of victory over oppression is forever engraved into our culture. Americans will never be defeated, and our liberty and freedom will never be taken away.

The Dangers of the Radical Left

One of the most alarming trends in modern times is the effort by deconstructionists to dismantle the American way of life for something way more dangerous: Marxism, socialism, and communism.

These ideologies deserve to sit in the history books next to fascism and Nazism; yet, they are granted the privilege of being praised in America’s universities and in the media. 

At football matches we have seen sports stars, the wealthiest in society, bend the knee during the playing of the National Anthem. This “protest” is little more than a narcissistic outburst, made by those who actually live the American dream.

They did not get to where they are today by suffering under oppression; they achieved what they have by working hard, being fortunate to be born in a country that actually functions, and benefiting from an economy that can produce enough wealthy citizens to pay their massive salaries.

Not only is their attitude disrespectful, but it is also blind to the real world.

For billions out there, becoming an American footballer with a six-figure salary and a palace to call home, is the ultimate ambition.

To see these footballers treating their country with such disrespect must confuse those who seek a better life; it could also deter them from trying to improve their own country and distract them from fighting the real enemies of freedom and liberty.