The Green New Deal Isn’t Just About Energy, It’s Also About Controlling What You Eat

As more and more details about the socialist Green New Deal come to light, it’s only making things look worse for the Democrats, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Latest on the Green New Deal

Democrats have truly outdone themselves this time. The newfound, left-wing support for the Green New Deal extends beyond ending air travel, doing away with gas-fueled vehicles, or even providing economic aid to individuals who are simply too lazy to work. In addition to that and more, Democrats want to get rid of beef, ranches, livestock, family farms, and dairy products. Of course, this management of what Americans choose to consume is a half-cocked attempt to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

The Flaws in Controlling Food Consumption

Even for the Democrats, regulating the foods which people choose to eat is an extreme measure…or at least it used to be. At this point, it appears as though there is no limit to how far the left will go. At what point does the fight for so-called social justice have the horseshoe effect? Democrats should realize that pushing for the systemic erosion of choice and freedom in this country is not going to make everyone better off.

If Democrats continue on their current path, which they inevitably will, they’ll be spending another election cycle scratching their heads and wondering why President Trump won yet again.


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