The Fight Over Education Heats Up

A Virginia residents organization claims to have found 20 instances of critical race theory in Virginia classrooms.

Notwithstanding the papers and events cited by the parents, a few of the school districts implicated have categorically denied implementing CRT in the classrooms.

CRT is Present and Clear in the Schooling System

Families Protecting Education cited 20 institutions that promote critical race theory, a philosophy that entails dismantling components of society in order to uncover structural racism underneath every surface.

Federal contracts with CRT-promoting institutions include materials such as books endorsed by school systems, so-called “anti-racism” regulations, and high school “intersectionality” courses.

An “Equity” plan trying to promote the 1619 Project, as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s components, and a $20,000 compensation to Ibram X. Kendi are among the items listed as well.

Fairfax County School Systems was questioned by Fox News about the Kendi payout, a second-grade summer educational guidance that contains a “Woke Preschool” clip, a community questionnaire to invent a new “Anti-Racism” strategy, and a $49,600 agreement with NYC Training School to grow an “Anti-Bias Community Outreach Strategy.”

On Thursday, Helen Lloyd, an LCPS spokesman, informed Fox News, “none of this stuff supports critical race theory.”

“Critical race theory is not taught at FCPS, and it is not incorporated in any of the courses available to employees. The district does deal with racial and racist concerns.”

“Multiculturalism and the differing positions of many cultural traditions and personalities in society are concerns the district must deal with. Neither of them indicates the division teaches CRT.”

Likewise, Fox News inquired into Loudoun County School Systems’ $34,000 deal with the Equity Collaboration, which included $3,125 for “critical race theorizing.”

The CRT developmental education “was delivered to a few upper-level executives and discussed how CRT was created, not how to educate it or use it in our career development,” according to Wayne Byard, an LCPS spokesperson.

“Critical race theory is not included of the Loudoun County Public Education curricula,” Byard maintained. “In Virginia, CRT isn’t and never has been part of the social sciences program.”

The Origins of CRT

CRT, as defined by him, is “a research tool that is largely employed in university courses. CRT was first utilized to help law school students critically think about the effect of previous and contemporary racism on the judicial process in the 1970s.”

“Some educational institutions used CRT in their curriculums in the 1990s to assist educators with comprehending educational disparities.”

“To help staff grasp a key school of thinking, CRT has been addressed in LCPS staff development opportunities,” Byard stated. “It is presented as an intellectual idea, not to ‘brainwash’ pupils or employees.”

Fox News also contacted Alexandria City School Systems to inquire about the school’s sponsorship of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching for Justice program, the 1619 Project, and its “Equality for All 2025” Plan, which promotes both of those items, as well as others.