The Fight Against COVID Passports Has an Unlikely Ally

The fight against COVID-19 vaccine passports has found itself a new ally in the unlikely form of the Black Lives Matter movement. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is being chastised by a spokesperson of the Greater New York branch of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The BLM spokesperson compared the COVID-19 vaccination requirement and vaccine passport procedures for citizens to present-day freedom documents.

In a message to Fox News, Chivona Newsome (a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Greater NY and a contender for New York’s 15th Congressional Seat in 2020) spoke against the “discriminatory” requirement.

De Blasio Abandonded His Liberal Principles

“Despite the fact that Mayor Bill De Blasio campaigned on liberal ideals, nothing in his administration would back up his campaign pledges,” Newsome remarked.

“The vaccine requirement, which goes into effect on September 13th, is discriminatory and deliberately targets black New Yorkers. Vaccination cards are modern-day Freedom Papers that restrict black folks’ freedom.”

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Newsome also criticized De Blasio for failing to “defend New York’s most disadvantaged.” Newsome said social separation and mask restrictions led to black New Yorkers getting beaten up and detained while their white friends were given masks and beverages.

Newsome contended that vaccine mandates infringe on the civil liberties of the black population. “It will lead to a loss of money, not just in terms of where we may eat or enjoy pleasure. Black healthcare professionals and teachers will lose their livelihood on Monday, September 27.”

De Blasio was completely aware of the cautiousness and suspiciousness black people have about immunization and their conversations with the government and police, according to Newsome.

However, de Blasio still choose to disempower and compel the very people who elected him into food insecurity and second-class citizenship.

BLM Will Stand Against the Discriminatory Laws

Newsome promised the vaccination mandate would not be utilized as a free pass to discrimination. Moreover, Black Lives Matter of NY will “protest” until the mandate is “repealed.”

Newsome said to Fox News that it is the obligation of Black Lives Matter Greater NY to fight for the liberty of black people. Racism will not be tolerated because of the vaccination passport. The BLM Greater NY group has pledged to continue protesting until the vaccine mandate is repealed.

De Blasio announced the demand in early August, requiring both employees and consumers of specific types of companies, like eateries, gyms, and movie theaters, to provide evidence of coronavirus vaccination before entering.

However, since the regulation went into effect, there have been allegations of disagreements at a number of establishments that have also been tasked with enforcing it.

BLM Greater NY staged a protest beside Carmine’s Italian Restaurant on Monday, demanding justice for the black ladies who were allegedly denied admittance.