The Democrats Have Finally Crossed the Line

Breitbart News reported Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, government accountant Keith Faber, as well as Secretary of State Frank LaRose are looking to offer and incorporate a redistricting chart before the 2022 midterms.

This redistricting chart would be exceedingly advantageous and slanted in favour of Democrats retaining their majority in the House.

If Republicans Win? No Problem, Just Remove their House District

DeWine, Faber, as well as LaRose are contemplating drawing a handful of pro-Trump Republicans into the liberal municipalities; this would come as retribution against former President Trump, who the three establishment GOP representatives dislike, according to senior officials.

Republican officials were briefed on the proposition before its anticipated incorporation next week. Senior official conservatives briefed on the proposal told Breitbart News they think DeWine’s and others’ response is an attempt to sway the GOP away from Trump.

The former president carried Ohio by large percentages both in 2016 as well as 2020, since they don’t really like the party’s present trajectory.

According to senior GOP sources, the current design could endanger as many as four or five GOP seats in Congress in Ohio. It would deal a serious blow to the GOP’s aspirations to recapture a majority in the House.

Conservatives presently need to flip a net five districts (or more) from Democrat to GOP hands in November next year to win a majority; this is a task that losing multiple seats in conservative Ohio could hamper.

According to a GOP insider who’s seen the map DeWine plans to submit next week, it would erase Trump loyalist Rep. Jim Jordan’s district, relocating it fully to deep-blue Columbus, Ohio, the capital of the state.

Dems Don’t Control Ohio – How Do They Call the Shots?

GOP Reps. Mike Turner and Warren Davidson would be pitted against one another in DeWine’s proposed map, which would bring both of them into a Dayton-based constituency.

Because of redistricting, following the 2020 U.S. Census, Ohio lost a congressional seat. Rather than removing a Democrat-held area, the DeWine campaign is preparing to push two Republicans against each other, according to a Republican acquainted with the plan.

“It would be Speaker Pelosi’s ideal layout in Ohio,” a top GOP aide informed Breitbart News. DeWine’s attempts to support Pelosi and the liberals with this unjust and unbalanced plan have yet to be officially introduced.

There is still time to stop them. It’s possible if Republicans voice their concerns to the governor, persuade him to change his behavior, and stop assisting Democrats out of disdain for Trump, he’ll change his mind.

Furthermore, a high ranking GOP assistant told Breitbart News that major sponsorships for DeWine’s primary opponent (former GOP Rep. Jim Renacci, who has deep relationships and connections in the Ohio GOP congressional delegation) could start pouring in, if DeWine continues to support this map or any map advantageous to Pelosi and Democrats.