Democrats Backtrack on Virginia Campaign Message

This weekly piece on politics mainly focuses on the concluding Virginia gubernatorial race. We’ll begin with the latest data on Republican Glenn Youngkin, followed by data on Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Election Day in the Virginia governor’s race is none other than tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2.

The Backtrack

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe told journalists this Saturday the contest is “not really about Trump.” This came after weeks of McAuliffe associating GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin to Trump.

McAuliffe’s remarks arrived during a press conference in Virginia on Saturday. It comes after the leftist former governor, who is seeking election, used every chance to link Youngkin to Trump at campaign rallies, in advertising, and in appearances.

The plan is straightforward. During Trump’s administration, Democrat opposition inspired high turnout, helping to push the blue wave (however legitimate it may be) that led Democrats to reclaim the House in the 2018 midterm elections and propel now-President Biden to triumph against Trump in November 2020.

Since Trump has been out of the White House for over nine months, McAuliffe is fighting a Democrat voter enthusiasm gap in a contest most recent polls show is deadlocked.

This is a region where conservatives haven’t won a governorship, lieutenant governorship, or attorney general election in over ten years. Trump, who lost Virginia by ten points to Biden in last year’s presidential race, remains disliked among Democrats and Independents, according to the same surveys.

When asked by Fox News’ Richard Edson if the Virginia election is about the previous president, McAuliffe said in the state of Virginia, Trump is unpopular. McAuliffe said people want to be raised up and Trump represents separation and hatred.

McAuliffe also stated Trump “intends to run again in 2024,” implying the past president intends to use the 2021 elections as a “launch platform.”

Trump Stays a Kingmaker

Trump continues to grow in popularity with conservative voters in Virginia and across the nation, as well as with Republican leaders. He keeps playing a kingmaker’s role in the group and threatens another run for the presidency in 2024.

Moreover, his spring support of Youngkin helped the first-time candidate win Virginia’s hotly disputed GOP primary. Youngkin reported, in the beginning, Trump “symbolizes so much of why [he’s] running,” a statement McAuliffe reiterated on the campaign trail and highlighted in his advertising.

Youngkin, on the other hand, appeared to be holding Trump at arm’s length throughout the last weeks of the general election campaign. Youngkin’s avoided campaigning with Trump and other prominent GOP surrogates.

Meanwhile, McAuliffe has paired up with President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, ex-President Obama, and other top liberals.

Youngkin stressed he would not be campaigning with elite surrogates and instead would feature “ordinary Virginians,” as he began his current national bus trip.