The DC Death Match: Should US let in Every Migrant Caravan

As a second migrant caravan makes their way to the United States, Americans are discussing and debating as to whether or not this country should grant entry to every single migrant; this was recently seen on The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Debate on Migrant Caravans

Like most policies, Republicans and Democrats fail to see eye-to-eye on immigration. One of the most striking examples of the impact of these differences is the ongoing government shutdown. Both parties have yet to reach a resolution, therefore, the government remains shut down with no apparent resolution in sight.
Since the government shutdown, Americans have learned that yet another migrant caravan is on their way to the United States. Now, the migrants who comprise these caravans are said to be fleeing terrible and dangerous situations from their homelands. From an emotional standpoint, most people will be able to sympathize with their plight. From a pragmatic standpoint, it’s simply not feasible to allow every single migrant to enter the United States. This isn’t about hatred or bigotry; it’s about realism and practicality.
The truth of the matter is that Americans have our own issues. We have our own veterans and civilians who are starving in the streets and unable to feed their families. Many of the migrants who are coming here have unbelievable issues and are simply unable to independently support themselves. Right now, that’s the last thing this country needs. Moreover, countless migrants have attempted to scale the United States border even after the president informed that they will not be allowed in the country. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes.

An Alternative

If Democrats are so passionate about allowing every single migrant caravan member being allowed into the United States, then they should be the one to feed, house, clothe, and fund the migrants. You see, people on the left tend to be very liberal, but they’re only liberal with other people’s time, money, and resources. However, if the Democrats are as serious as they pretend to be about Central American migrants, then Democrats ought to be lining up in droves to personally take care of them.
Do you believe that each and every migrant caravan member is owed entry into the United States? Do you believe that Democrats will personally step up and volunteer to take care of these migrants? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know!
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