The COVID Cookie Crumbles


Two years ago, the world was plunged into a draconian lockdown over a dangerous flu with a name. For those of us on the right side of history, it morphed from a fight against a virus into a fight for freedom.

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What Happened?

One by one, world governments and state governments in the USA instituted strict measures against the virus. In reality, the measures restricted our freedoms more so than they did the virus.

To add salt to injury, the majority of these regulations actually went against common sense and reason. Those who questioned the validity of lockdowns became the targets of the left-wing media and were labeled irresponsible and reckless.

Then came the vaccine. Operation Warp Speed became a triumph of the Trump administration, all while Democrats criticized it and threatened not to take a vaccine produced during his presidency.

After Joe Biden won, suddenly conservatives who refused the vaccine, due to a number of reasons, found themselves targeted by the very same Democrats, called things like conspiracy theorists, and blamed for the variants and fresh outbreaks.

It’s All Beginning to Unravel

Very successfully, the media was able to spread the lie that each new variant of the COVID-19 virus would be more dangerous. Everyone seemed to forget for as long as viruses have existed, when they mutate, they become more contagious and less deadly.

If you are looking for examples, SARS and Swine Flu are no different from the flu you get every year now. They mutated to a point where they were no longer a threat.

COVID is on the same path. The emergence of omicron has shown us COVID will follow the same path as every virus before it. At the source of the fresh omicron outbreak (the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa), hospitals are empty.

Meanwhile, the death rate is lower than the murder rate. People with symptoms who visit the hospital are sent home and usually recover from the most severe symptoms in two days.

This is a clear sign the virus is coming to an end and the CDC and Fauci seem to finally get that message. Although bizarrely, the vaccine push continues; perhaps it has something to do with the money now, not saving lives.

After all, who needs a vaccine for a virus they already had, and survived? Maybe more people will realize this in due time.

In Canada, things are going the opposite way; the liberal government there is so hellbent on controlling its people that it is instituting another lockdown.

Furthermore, according to sources, five quarantine camps are under construction across the nation to house the unvaccinated. Hello? 1939 Germany is calling, they want their ideas back!